Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Another Christmas has come and gone at the House of Hatch. Everyone survived and we all probably put on a few pounds. I've probably put on 10 lbs since my father passed away two weeks ago. I've been off the diet completely but I have been walking some.

My mother, brother and his wife and kids and two dogs came up for a few days last week. They stayed two nights then headed off back to Alabama. It was good to see everyone, but with the two extra dogs and all the people in the house it was a little stressful, especially for Molly the cat.

On Christmas Eve we went to Marissa's uncles house for a Christmas Eve breakfast. It's a large family event and there were probably 20+ people there. I got a nice Alabama T-Shirt which I know was painful for all the Tennessee fans in the family to buy for me.

Marissa, Victoria and I opened our presents from each other on Christmas Eve night. I got a pair of Smart Wool socks and the first two seasons of Family Guy. I also got a pedometer I've been wanting, so now I'll track the number of steps I take every day instead of the number of miles. I'll post about that later.

Marissa's present will get here late, but it's something she really wanted. I'll let her blog about that. I also got her a Dolly Parton CD that she's been craving for a while.

Christmas Day we went to Marissa's fathers house for breakfast and opened more presents there. Marissa got a new tea maker. I got a George Foreman grill which I've been wanting for a while, and Victoria hit the big score with a 4G iPod Nano. It's really nice and we've been fighting over it ever since. I guess I'm going to have to get me one eventually since Victoria doesn't share well with others. Heh.

After we left there we visited Marissa's grandfather in the nursing home for a little while. He's doing better and was sitting up in a chair while we there. He's still suffering from dementia but was able to carry on some conversation with everyone.

After that we went to Marissa's mothers house for an early dinner. It was good but I was still stuffed from breakfast and couldn't really put a dent in it like I normally would. We bought them a bottle of Chardonay which they opened for dinner, and it was nice. I drank half a glass which is more wine than I've had in quite a while.

Yesterday was quiet for the most part. We bought a new video camera that we found on sale at Radio Shack so we can take lots of video of the new baby. We made a quick dash into Walmart, which wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I'm just glad we didn't have to return anything.

So tomorrow morning at 6:30 we're going to show up at the hospital so Marissa can be induced. I'm very excited but I'm also really nervous. I can't wait to see my little boy, but I'm not looking forward to the sleepless nights for the next few months. Stay tuned for pictures and maybe even some video.

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