Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hatch Dragging

Sorry about the delay between updates. After taking most of last week off from work, I've been pretty busy this week with meetings and deadlines. Several people are taking off all of next week so we're pushing to get some things done around here.

The diet and exercise is progressing nicely again after the Thanksgiving debacle. I ended up gaining four pounds before I got back on the low carb diet this past Sunday, so I was at 294. This morning I was back down to 290 and I should be able to cruise down lower fairly quickly I hope.

Since I cut the carbs out again starting Sunday my butt has been dragging the first few days of this week, but I've still been making myself walk. After my walk at lunch today I've already put in 8.4 miles for the week, and this may be the week I break my mileage record since I started recording all of this over 8 weeks ago.

Marissa went to the OB/GYN this past Monday, and everything is still fine with her and the baby. Her blood pressure was up a little the week before, but now it's come back down to normal levels. She's still in nesting mode, but I think she's almost got everything she wants for the baby and the baby room.

My Petzl helmet finally arrived yesterday from It's really nice, but it may be a little tight thanks to my Hatcher head. I adjusted the head band as wide as it will go and it will go on my head, but it's tight. The chin strap is also tight at it's maximum length, but losing more weight will take care of that as the Hatch jowls begin to ebb. I think getting another short haircut will help too. My hair is a little woolier than normal right now.

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HatchWife said...

Don't touch the hair! PLEASE!!!! It looks nice now.