Sunday, November 27, 2005

Write It Off

OK, this whole week has been a complete write-off as far as diet and exercise goes. I'm back on the low carb diet starting today, but I probably gained 5 pounds since Tuesday. I'm still below 300, so the battle was not completely lost.

We had a good Thanksgiving meal, with only a few heated arguments amongst the in-laws. The Honeybaked Ham was excellent as always, and I finally finished off all the dressing yesterday morning. We still have half a turkey breast that hasn't been touched that I'll eat on early this week.

I did enough hits on MTurk by last Tuesday that I ordered my Petzl helmet with no money out of my pocket. I'll be working on earning some Christmas presents next so we can save on spending that. Our 13 year old dryer finally gave up the ghost last night, so we had to order a new one from Home Depot today. Thankfully Marissa's grandmother gave us some money for the holidays to spend on the house so that didn't bite us too bad.

We're still planning on pulling up the carpet in the basement and getting the concrete stained. I'm going to try to initiate that this week to see if we can get it finished before Christmas. Sir Blubbly better prepare himself for some heavy lifting soon.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Hey man.....I'm ready to lift....the question is whether you'll be able to lift your fat butt offa the couch to help....of course, I had Ru-San's sushi buffet for lunch, so I shouldn't be talking.