Thursday, November 03, 2005


After I got home last night, I ate my supper which finished up a 960 calorie day for me. While my meal was cooking I asked Victoria if she had any math homework for me to check. She made a D in math on her first report card this year so now I want to see every piece of homework she has for that subject. She told me that she had already done the homework in class so "I know they're all right."

I told her to bring down to the kitchen table anyways and let me have a gander at it. The homework dealt with adding and subtracting negative numbers, so the first problem was something like 4+(-6) and she had written an answer of 2. Wrong.

The next one was -6-(-6) and it was wrong. I went through all 16 problems and 14 were wrong. Thanks for playing! Next, please!

So I stood in front of the chalkboard we have in the kitchen and taught a math lesson for 30 minutes then she had to do every problem over again while I ate my 300 calorie TV dinner.

In other math news, thanks to walking the dachshund an extra mile last night and staying under 1000 calories for the day I weighed in at 294 this morning. For those of you not keeping up that's a total of 30 pounds lost, or 324 +(-30) if you're in 7th grade math at MJCA.

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TheHeffer said...

Dave made A/B honor roll. I honestly don't know how that happened.