Friday, November 18, 2005

Must Catch Paul

Fellow fat boy and low carb enthusiast Paul Clemmons, who as far as I know is still closely affiliated with the Big Tobacco companies, has a different approach to the low carb lifestyle than I do. He likes to cook more and have a greater variety of food, while I like instant gratification and can eat the same stuff for weeks on end.

I've been trying to avoid eating mostly fatty foods this time around on the diet, so I don't go for the chicharrones too often. This week however, while getting a diet coke at the local Mapco I noticed a new offering from Golden Flake which was hot pork rinds with Louisianna Hot Sauce. I bought a bag and they were good. Very good. I know any yankees reading this are recoiling at the thought of eating deep fried pork skins, but hey, you shouldn't knock it til you try it.

I also tried the new low carb version of Reese's Cups last night at the basketball game when I was working the concession stand. Two cups has 1 net carb and they didn't taste too bad. The peanut butter is drier than the normal ones, but it was nice to have taste of an old favorite without feeling guilty about it.

I'm down to 290 pounds this morning, so the combination of sticking closely to the low carb diet and doing a lot of walking is really paying off this time. I'm actually considering skipping the dressing and potatoes for Thanksgiving this year, but honestly I don't see it happening once the meal gets here. The best I can hope for is to only blow it out on the carbs for one day and then get right back on track.


TheHeffer said...

Cola, Pork Rinds, and Reese's. HELLO !!! Carb counting or not, You're still eating KRAP !

Alan said...

Yes, thank you oh great cigarette smoker and beer drinker for your comments on my dietary habits. Would that all of us could be as perfect as the Heffer.

Paul said...

We've been having a lot of fun cooking, too. I'm down around 265, but I'm eating 'Bama food this weekend, then plus Thanksgiving, I'm bound to re-blossom.