Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quick Update

I'm down to 292 pounds this morning, so the extra walking and sticking firmly to the low carb diet is paying off nicely. I only walked 1.5 miles yesterday at lunch, but I had to help some friends from church move last night so that made up for it. Since the wife is going to be busy at a shower this weekend I'm thinking about hitting a trail somewhere around Nashville on Saturday. Maybe one of the Warner parks or an extended trip on the greenway.

Here's a picture of the Hatchers and the Heffers from this past weekend at the House of Heff. I still definitely look fat in that picture, but you should see the picture from 32 pounds ago. I apoligize for the crappy orange and blue stuff Heff and Donna are wearing. Some people just weren't raised any better. Check out that beautiful pregnant woman, though.

1 comment:

TheHeffer said...

For the love of God, Bamurh fan - QUIT SPENDING TIME WITH BIG BILL. "Apoligize" ???