Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thanksgiving Ahoy!

I reserved a nine pound Honey Baked Ham for Thanksgiving. The lady asked me how many people I was trying to feed and I had to tell her that the number of people being fed is meaningless since the real objective is to get a ham big enough that there's enough left for Thanksgiving Day after my wife and I pick at it for two days. Now I just need to find a turkey that weighs at least 25 pounds and the feast will be coming together nicely. Everyone come on over for supper at the Hatcher house!

Menu So Far:
Honey Baked Spiral Sliced Ham (probably down to 4 lbs by this point. Heh.)
Big Honking Turkey (we rub it down with butter, olive oil, and stick an orange inside it)
Homemade Mashed Potatoes (Marissa's mother makes about 10 lbs worth)
Giblet Gravy
Sister Shubert rolls
Macaroni and Cheese (A requirement from my wife and kid.)
Cranberry Sauce
Lots of Desserts (Pumpkin pie, ches pie squares, etc.)


HatchWife said...

Hello! You forgot the most important thing... Deviled Eggs!

Paul said...

from Kroger!