Wednesday, November 02, 2005


So I've been stalled at about 298 lbs for about 2 weeks or so now. My low calorie regimen is working to maintain me at this weight, but since I've cheated every few days lately I haven't lost anything. Last night for example Marissa and I went to a Japanese steakhouse for her birthday dinner. I had the filet and scallops along with some sushi to start things off, plus I ate Marissa's vegetables and some of her chicken. Ugh. Hatch stuffed. I was at 296 yesterday morning and today I'm at 298 thanks to that meal.

On a positive note, I am still walking, but I won't get as many miles in this week as I did last week due to my blister and still having sinus problems. I ended up naming the blister Bill and I curse him constantly while I'm walking and I also make fun of his spelling skills.

Anyway, things will get better soon and I've still lost 26 pounds. I did the 1.7 mile walking route at lunch today and no blisters or joints complained too much. I'm contemplating trying a new route tomorrow which includes a pretty steep hill. I need to get serious for the next 3 weeks and peel off some more weight before Thanksgiving, and hauling 298 lbs up and down a few steep hills is a great way to do it.


HatchWife said...

umm... you mean MOST of my chicken, don't you?

HatchWife said...

you are a REAL sicko!!!!!

Signed the REAL HatchWife!