Monday, December 12, 2005

Misery Loves Company

I'm not really miserable right now, just tired. It's hard to get all the thoughts to stop spinning around in my head at night so I usually spend about an hour or more tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable place on the couch or the bed.

I first reached 290 lbs on November 18 in my current quest for delardification. I bounced up a little at Thanksgiving but went back down to 290 within a week. I'm still at 290 today, but I suspect I'll go below within a few days. It took a few tries to get back into the low-carb groove, and my recurring problem with the top of my foot aching caused me to only walk about 3.5 miles last week.

This is my 4th day with no cheating on the carbs, and I walked a mile last night with the dachshund. Things should return to normal soon and the weight should start coming off again. Luckily, Paul Clemmons has been entertaining all his Big Tobacco cronies the last few weeks and has reportedly been gaining weight like a fiend. Maybe we can start the new year off on an equal footing.

Marissa has been having a lot of sleepless nights this past week. Last night at Midnight the baby was kicking and wiggling more than I've ever seen him do so, causing much pain for his Momma. She goes to the OB/GYN this afternoon and we should get the schedule nailed down for inducement around the 27th. She may not make it that far, though.

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