Friday, March 09, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Well, the two week follow up visit to the doctor was yesterday afternoon. Everything went well. My blood pressure was still a little high, about 20 pts or so, but much lower than it was two weeks ago. According to their scales I had dropped 10 lbs, and the doc was pretty impressed with that. We decided I'd keep exercising and losing weight, and stay on the same medicine, with another follow up in two months.

As for Baby Hatch, he's like a brand new baby after the tubes were put in. He's talking a lot more and is a lot more active. Marissa turned our small back deck into a play area, with a slide, and he gets angry if he doesn't get to go out there right after breakfast.


BigBill said...

Sounds like your keeping the weight issue on the burner good job bro.. I have been sticking with a lot more cardio than I have ever done and I am keeping the weight off with little or no problem.. This week I will start back with some protien powder and Glutimine and Arginine to build some muscle before summer. Lets see how it goes..
Good luck to you and yours...

TheHeffer said...

What a coincedence. I'm taking Arginine too. It's really good for the pecker, so I imagine you're throbbing all over, Bill.