Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Tired Ole Hatch

Well, with the big 3-9 birthday coming up fast, and a blood pressure spike the week before last which was too high to mention on a family blog, the time finally came for me to give up the delusion of the low calorie diet and just plain old get my fat ass into gear and lose some weight. So last Wednesday I polished up the old pedometer told myself I'd do at least 7k steps a day for the next 7 days. I also got back on the low carb diet after reading the Atkins book for the first time in a while to get myself back in practice.

So here's my chart of steps walked for the last 7 days including today:
3/1/2007 7350
3/5/2007 11165

This is probably the best overall week I've had since I first got the pedometer. I kept my pledge to do at least 7k steps a day, and for the week I averaged 9,638 steps a day and walked a total of almost 31 miles. Not too shabby for a fat hairy white boy.

I've also been getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, but that's mostly because I'm just plain tired. This morning I weighed in at 280.9, so I've lost almost 12 pounds since the new year. I went to the gym twice this past week as well, but that was mostly to use the treadmill when it was freezing outside. I did a little bit of weights, but just with the arms. My next cave trip is March 14, so I should be in pretty good shape by then at this rate.