Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hatch Hits the Gym

Well, I finished my second workout of the month last night at the gym. Sunday was arms, and last night was shoulder, back, and lats. I did my first mile on the treadmill in 15:14. Let's go over and check with Heff and see how his workouts are going this month:

"Well, Hatch, as you can see from my special calendar here, there are in fact, no workouts completed for the month of April. I can't really explain this, other than the fact that I had to pay my bills and move some Broyhill furniture. Broyhill, Hatch! Besides, Uncle Bull is so far ahead of us that it's just not hardly worth trying anymore. It's not fair Hatch. Why wasn't I born with a frame worthy of hanging some meat off of like you and Bill?"

Stay tuned for more exciting workout updates and exciting quotes from Heff and Uncle Bull as thong season fast approaches.


TheHeffer said...

Only you could come up with a post label such as "Thong Gym". Is that where your membership is ? As far as my "frame" goes, I'm 5' 10 1/2" and 210lbs solid. More meat than you can handle, Hatch. (Although you like it that way!) Yes, I took ONE DAY off from lifting weights to pay my monthly bills. I'm back on "Push night" tonight. - Dream of Me !!!

Anonymous said...

Umm.. 5'10". 210. Solid. Do you look like Popeye?
I'm 5'10" and 170 in the morning. I still have a small beer gut left but besides that I'm well toned for a 30 something white boy. I weighed 50 lbs more my senior year of college, so I'm surprised to be this healthy. I don't lift (except some at work), my strategy is running 15 miles a week and low fat food.

TheHeffer said...

Yes. I look like Popeye. Massive forearms from years of pounding my pudd.

Alan said...

Pudd is Heff's nickname for his wife.