Friday, April 20, 2007

A New Hatcher Biped

The boy took another step towards becoming human recently by moving into the bipedal stage. Of course he won't become fully human until he takes the Humanity Test and faces the Gom Jabbar.


TheHeffer said...

I just hope "The Boy" passes the Humanity test of facing the general public while in the presence of his father - the Gom Goober.

BamaNana said...

Huh??? I wish you and theheffer would either write in plain English, or interpret your post.

I love the video. Hope you get to take him to Gulf Shores to walk in the sand.

TheHeffer said...

Actually, a mathematical equation should explain everything.

Hatch + stories of son, divided by(sciencefictionreferences)=goober

Anonymous said...

Hatch I am proud of you.... Androo is still in Iraq defending your freedom and the right that allowed you to get so overweight in the first place, so keep that in mind when you dis him, Bitch!!!
Anyhow good job from 330 to 270's good job.... It's funny how you can beat the mind and end up pushen yourself to set and obtain goals. You and I both have to understand that cardio is both evil and good. It's hard as hell to do it but it's the best thing for us... Rember there is a fat person in us trying to get out... (unlike the fat person locked in Heff's cellar).
I am still setting goals and achieving them. I have been doing about 9 miles on the olyptical and 3000 crunches on the weighted ab machine with 70lbs every week. I do 3 miles and 1000 crunches every other day. Yesterday I went up to 80lbs on the ab machine and was only able to get 500 crunches in but the 500 that I did hurt like hell. Diet and exercise remember it's like 20% exercise and 80% diet. When you exercise it balances it out a little more. Oh hey three weeks with out a cigarette!!!!
Now watch I will get hit by a bus....
Big Bill

TheHeffer said...

Bill, I think you've been beating something besides your mind...And how did you know that Excalibur is fat and I keep him in the cellar ?!?