Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lunch on Hatch

So Marissa, the orange, and I went to lunch today at Rafferty's, since Marissa had been craving their potato soup for a while now, and the pregnant lady gets what she wants. I ordered the club sandwich and as they're bringing it out the waiter spills the entire cup of honey mustard on my shirt and tie. So we ate for free today and if you like honey mustard then Hatch smells delicious right now.

Yes, Uncle Bull, I ate carbs. T.M.S.


HatchWife said...

Our baby is the size of a fist. Do you ever listen to me? Potato soup gets 2 THUMBS UP!!

TheHeffer said...

"Potatoe" ? Who are we today, Dan Quayle ?

I personally can't wait 'til the child is refered to as "The Watermelon" !

Paul said...

so, what's the DBAN?