Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bubble Boy

I played in the 9pm cst 2000 player freeroll again tonight on I caught some cards fairly early and stayed in the top 50 to 150 for most of the tournament. The blinds go up every 5 minutes, so it gets insane pretty quick. With about 180 left, I managed to double up to about 50th place and I SHOULD have played tight and made it into the money. Instead, I pushed from the button with Presto and got called by AJo with a bigger stack who had raised it from the position just ahead of me. He hit a J on the flop and I didn't improve and went out in 127th place.

I'm not kicking myself too much though. I made a decision that I wanted to make a run at winning the tournament instead of just getting dribbled down and earning 25 cents for making the money. At least I'm consistently making it into the top 10 to 20 percent of players in these freerolls, and I think my play is improving overall.

Apparently had some big problems last night. They upgraded their software this week and in last night's tournament it was really slow. I busted out early since I got really tired of only one hand finishing per blind level. A co-worker was also in the tournament and he was in 55th place with less than 200 people left when the game crashed. They patched today and everything was running smooth tonight. Nothing like working out the kinks by letting the users test the software. I still like the site and the freeroll, so don't let this hiccup discourage you from playing there.


TheHeffer said...

Who the hell is "Poobie" ? Has someone else taken my special place in your life, Alan ?

TheHeffer said...

Hatch - I'll explain my absence to you later. Heff -Out.