Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well, the rebate check from the IRS came in Friday morning, just in time for us to drop about $500 to get brakes put on both cars. The Civic was down to metal on metal on the front left, and needed pads on all 4 brakes, so the new rotor and pads and labor were $260 at Budget Brakes.

A few hours earlier, the Montero was in the same shop and needed a new rotor and pads on the back brakes, plus they don't make cheap pads for it, so it was $235. The rest is going for our vacation in Florida next month. I think it's going to cost us at least $250 to $300 just to pay for the gasoline going down there and back.

Speaking of gas, the price actually started going down a little around here the last few days. I was actually grateful to only pay $3.38 a gallon today when I filled up Marissa's car. I still remember being pissed when it took $25.00 to fill the Montero up a few years ago. Now I'm just glad it's back under fifty bucks at least for a little while.


Heff said...

"Rebate" ? Isn't that what Hatch does a second time once he's already....

Nome said...

Be nice!! Nevermind...... I can't wait to go to the beach!!! Give Jackson a kiss from Nome.