Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Update

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally the start of summer, although we have almost a month until the solstice. The smell of BBQ and Blog Wars are in the air. I'll be anxiously awaiting the prosaic responses as they start rolling in from places further north and south of here.

In other news, Marissa, Jack and I have spent a wonderful weekend together. Yesterday we went to the zoo, and despite the crowds we had a lot of fun. We're working on Jack learning all of his colors right now, so the zoo is a great place to do that. He still tends to call everything blue or purple right now, but he's getting better every week.

This afternoon we went to my friend Hal and Lisa's house for a cookout with a lot of my caving friends. Hal's last name is Love, and yes he has a PhD in Biology, so we get to call him Dr. Love. How awesome is that? It's almost as good at the guy named Dr. Strange that we met last year when Jack was getting tubes put in his ears.

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Heff said...

Does Dr. Love "Need your love, baby, oh so bad ?" You're not the only one he's ever had...