Sunday, March 06, 2005

More Free Poker is hosting a contest in which you can win a free buy-in and all expenses paid to the World Series of Poker for 2005. You have to qualify each week for a Sunday afternoon tournament, and the top 50 people each Sunday are qualified for the final tournament in May, the winner of which wins the trip to Vegas to play poker with someone else's money.


TheHeffer said...

For most people, toilets are a private perch, a place for quiet contemplation. But not for plumbing researchers. Their job demands that they dream of toilets that never were and ask, "Why not?" Lately they've been pushing hard. Ever since regulators clamped down on the volume of water allowed per flush, more users have reported clogs. New low-flow toilets, great in theory, just aren't cutting it. Independent testers, frustrated by the industry's lackadaisical response to these problems, have started to apply the same kind of pressure to toilet makers that JD Power did to car companies in the 1980s. The result: Manufacturers have begun using computer models and sophisticated math to create toilets that flush cleaner, faster, quieter, and more efficiently.

TheHeffer said...

Hey, Hatch - Hope you like the new link to your site on my right sidebar of Blog O' Heff !