Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Weekly Poker Results

This week has been better for me I suppose. I was the 1st out of the main tournament last night at Startime, but I won the consolation game and a free pitcher of beer. Tonight at Sidelines in Alpharetta I did better than I ever have there, finishing about 8th or 9th. I went all in after the flop with a Q10c after the flop showed another Q as high card. A girl I've played against a few times called me since she had a monster stack. She had a pair of Jacks, and hit the 3rd Jack on the Turn to knock me out of the tournament. I've almost qualified for the Sunday tournament on ESPN, but it probably starts too early for me to get home in time after church.

1 comment:

TheHeffer said...

Damnation, Hatch ! You're married ! - You shouldn't be getting "Called by a girl with a montser stack".