Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Night

I made it to the final table of 8 people at Startime in Roswell tonight. I ended up going out in 6th place. My final hand I went all in after a garbage flop with a pair of Queens. I got called by pocket Kings. Two more garbage cards and that was all she wrote for Hatch that night. I had enough chips that I probably could have made it to 3rd place, but it was after 11 and I was just getting tired.

My progress to the final table was pretty cool. I pulled two straights on the river on all-in hands, and I sold a full house on the flop beautifully to build up a fairly nice stack of chips. Actually I can't claim too much credit on that hand since the guy that I won against in that hand was pretty much a newbie calling station.

On another note, I've been stood up two nights in a row by Best Friend #3 Brian Spisak, who was in Atlanta from Chicago for the SEC Basketball tournament. Because of this, I've decided to move him down to Best Friend #4, moving Jay into third place. Way to go Jay!

On a sad note, Burt's father passed away last night in Evergreen, Alabama. He had apparently been bed-ridden in a nursing home for some time, so it wasn't completely unexpected. Condolences to Burt and his family from the Hatcher family. The father of Rogers Alley, another Malleteer buddy, also passed away this week in Virginia. Sort of creepy.

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Will said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Tell him I send my condolences next time you see him. Also, do you have a current email address for him? The one I have is bouncing.