Monday, September 26, 2005

Break on Through

So by late last week I was down to 314 pounds, which was a total of 10 pounds lost. I was on that weight for a few days which was my first mini-plateau. I knew I was going to have to up the exercise level to break through it. My friend Brian from church had asked me to help move him out of his house into an apartment they're going to be living in while their new house is being built.

So I showed up at his house Friday night about 7:30 and helped empty out his garage and put it all in the garage at his new apartment. This took about 3 hours since he's sort of a packrat and the garage was stuffed with junk, including a couple of nice big workout machines. About 10:30 I stumbled home covered in sweat, took 3 Tylenol, and passed out. My legs were rubber the next day and my back was threatening to start spasming, but I was down to 312 that morning.

I spent about 5 more hours on Saturday helping move the rest of the house, but I wasn't nearly as useful as I was the night before. I stuck hard to the diet throughout though, so as of this morning I weigh 310, which is a total of 14 pounds lost in 14 days. Not too shabby. Now I've just got to be sure to keep up the exercise level so I can power on down below 300 in the next two weeks.

I'm doing something different for lunch this time around. I go to the supermarket deli and have them slice up about 3lbs of smoked turkey breast in slices that about as thick as you would normally get bologna sliced. It costs about 20 bucks for that much meat, but spreading it out over 5 days at lunch makes it only about 4 dollars a day, which is very reasonable. I throw in a few slices of cheddar as well.

Supper has been mostly omelets or fried eggs along with a big sturdy glass of Metamucil. I've taken Uncle Bull's sagely advice and cut way back on the hot sauce, so things down below are much less painful this time around.


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