Friday, September 16, 2005

Hatch Suffers

So practically everyone in my office went to Monell's today for lunch. I've never been there but have heard many good stories about it. It's basically a sit-down all you can eat Meat and Three. Everyone crowds around big tables and they pass around big bowls of whatever they're serving that day and you eat as much as you want.

People at the office said things like "Come on, Hatch, you've been good this week, it won't hurt." I resisted though, because I've been flawless on my low carb diet for 4 days now. My energy boost kicked in today and I even walked around the block for 15 minutes at lunch today. My crappy scales were giving the typical wild readings this morning but I believe I'm down 5 pounds since Tuesday morning. The weekends are always the biggest test, so stay tuned Monday for more updates.

1 comment:

TheHeffer said...

Dude, - walking - for 15 minutes and "energy boost" don't belong in the same paragraph. STEP IT UP !