Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jackson Aidan Hatcher

So most of you probably already know from emails, but we found out a week ago today that our baby is going to be a boy. We were all standing in the examining room looking at the black and white images of the ultrasound when Marissa started pointing at the screen saying "What's that?!?"

The technician said she thought it was the umbilical cord, but kept moving the probe around and suddenly this huge phallus came into focus. The boy is hung like a bear, I'm telling you. Victoria was disappointed since she wanted a little sister. I honestly would have been happy with either but I sort of wanted a boy more.

I actually spent the last few months alternately imagining a little girl or a little boy, so the potential little girl faded out of existence last week, which is a little sad. We're all really excited though, and can't wait to meet our little man this December.


Anonymous said...

the spelling is phallus, you dumb shit.



Alan said...

Thanks Bill. Now TMS.