Friday, September 09, 2005

The Man

I'll never see this movie. I wouldn't even bring it up normally, but I think the previews for this movie have struck me as some of the most uninteresting and boring dreck I've ever seen. I mean I've never watched a Pauly Shore movie, but at least I've giggled or smiled at something in the previews for them. How utterly bad does a movie have to be when you can't come up with a single funny moment to put in a preview? Does anyone really want to watch 90 minutes of Eugene Levy anyway? What kind of dirt did the producer have on Samuel L. Jackson to get him to appear in this? Well, he was anxious to appear in the recent Star Wars movies, so obviously he's lost his touch on picking the best projects to appear in.


Will said...

Samuel L. Jackson never had a touch for picking good projects to appear in, because he doesn't really have standards. He's made the comment more than once that shooting movies and playing golf is what he does now instead of smoking crack, so he'll show up in =anything= as long as you pay him more than scale.

Paul said...

nothing wrong with that. ya gotta pay those bills. the actors that see acting as a job as opposed to an art (caine, connery, jackson, etc) are probably the sort of actors I'd rather know personally.