Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Riding the Storm Out

What was left of Katrina came through the Nashville area this morning. The worst part of it seems to have gone through the western end of the metro area, and we're on the east end so it wasn't too bad out our way. We all ended up sleeping in the basement last night just to be careful, although I stumbled upstairs about 5:30 and went back to sleep in the cool comfort of our bedroom. The A/C doesn't work very well in the basement and we're too cash strapped to get it serviced right now, so it wasn't very comfortable down there for this F.H.W.B.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Since I'm back in Nashville full time life gets busy and since none of my former blog buddies want to play with me it's just not as interesting. Hopefully their tears and other drippy things will dry up soon. It's hard being the only heartless bastard in my corner of the blog neighborhood. Maybe one day I'll find someone that can take the heat as well as dish it out. Apparently Mr. Croft is looking for some "Hatch Luvin" (tm), at least judging from his last comment anyway.

I'm taking a break from poker right now, but will probably start playing some more freerolls soon. I'm thinking of becoming the first professional freeroller. I'm sure the endorsements would start rolling in fast.


Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

-sniff, -sniff- Did sumwun saiy Free Rolls ?

Mr. Croft said...

Love that "Hatch Luvin" (tm). Can't wait to get so mo slo "Hatch Luvin" (tm).

Anonymous said...

what? no new blog about baby.