Monday, August 22, 2005

Life With a Pregnant Wife

Marissa had a weird night last night. She probably drank too much caffeine during the day and started acting a little strange around midnight. About 1am she woke me up talking. I couldn't understand her at first, but after she repeated it several times I finally heard her say "Did we go out to Ferlie's farm?"

Then about 3am I wake up and Marissa is standing at the foot of the bed holding one of my feet. She puts it back down on the bed and proceeds to wrap it up in the comforter. She claims I was shaking my foot during my sleep and keeping her awake.

We're halfway folks. Hopefully Hatch will survive it.


HatchWife said...

CLAIMS! I tell the truth. I think it was the smell of the bug spray! Stop twitching during the night and I will leave you alone.
You talk in your sleep too, do I need to get Tori to remind you what you said to her.

Paul said...

Oh, the stories that I could tell of Hatch sleep-talking!

GateTree said...

Had to fix it up:
You got a ways to go:
"We can control the air, but the controls are on the other side",
"It's different, because when it leaves the earth it becomes three-dimensional",
and most importantly, "The people we hate live on farms, but we know their phone numbers".
I don't think I do that much any more.