Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Baby Update

So Marissa is in her 20th week of pregnancy, putting us about halfway through the process now. You can check out her baby belly on her blog. She's having a good bit of pain in her back and hip, so I try to massage her as often as I can. I keep trying to bring home treats to make her happy, but her tastes change so often it's hard to keep up.

In about two weeks Marissa will undergo her first ultrasound, so we should know whether it's a little Hatch or Hatchette that's looming on the horizon. We got the changing table put into the baby room this past weekend so now we just need to paint and get the crib put in there to get the room completely set up.

1 comment:

HatchWife said...

Soup! You can always make me happy with a bowl of soup! Just for future refrence.