Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Heartbreak of Heff Loss

In more midweek news, Heff is still missing from the blogosphere and is presumably still being whipped into blogless submission by his ex-girlfriend, who apparently drove off with his boys stuffed into the glovebox of her truck.

In what may be related news, the House of Hatch received this week a tiny envelope with only the word "Midlothian" as a return address. Inside were found two dried up pea-like objects and a note that simply read "T.M.S."


Jay said...

Still playing games every waiking moment?


theheffer said...

"Whipped into blogless submission" ? Not hardly. I just don't have time for it right now with having to take care of everything household related plus the other goofy shit I normally do. For a taste of my old Blog, try this on for size : Fuck off Hatch, or I'll stuff my boys into YOUR glovebox 'till you're presumably whipped into logless submission.

Anonymous said...

Someone seems a little too sensitive.

Hatch's Fat Ass said...

My brains feel good here!!
(so does hard cock)

Jack Meovph said...

Oh yes, baby !