Friday, August 19, 2005

Rah rah rah

So last night was the first Junior High football game for Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, where Victoria just started 7th grade. She's on the cheerleading team, so I showed up at 6:30 yesterday evening to show my support.

It was hot. Hot and sticky, with absolutely no breeze. It wasn't as hot as sticky as say New Orleans or Mobile is this time of year, but at my size it might as well have been Eufaula, Alabama. Sweat just poured off from just sitting in the stands. Then after about half an hour, a huge swarm of gnats showed up. I could wipe the back of my neck with my hand every 30 seconds and have about 10 gnats on my palm. Someone finally passed out a can of Off and people descended on it like it was the last drop of water in the Sahara.

To top it off, the home team lost to Red Boiling Springs, but not as badly as they did last year. Yes, there's a town in Tennessee named Red Boiling Springs. It's waaaayyy up in the middle of nowhere northeast of Nashville, up in tobacco country. It reminds me a lot of Calcis or Sterrett back in Alabama, although the school there is the standard red brick construction just like SCHS where Heff and I attended.

The opposing team had one player in the #70 jersey that I think may have been bigger than me. For a minute I was afraid Uncle Bull had finally made the drive down I65 to finish our "power struggle" but then I drank some more Gatoraid and came to my senses. That was one big corn-fed boy, I'm telling you. He was knocking around our little sixth graders and putting them flat on their Wilfreds.

I'm just glad we didn't have to drive there this year. I paid $2.53 a gallon for gasoline last night, which is the most ever for me personally. I'm really glad I have the Honda at this point. That 38 mpg is really sweet and I only have to fill up every other week. Marissa's SUV needs to be traded, but I'm pretty sure we're still upside-down on the loan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan!
I was google-ing around and for giggles put in Brian Spisak and it brought me to you. I clicked on one of the audio blogs and the voice of a Mallet freshman jumped out of my speakers. How many other Malleteers do you keep intouch with? Do you keep in touch with Brian I have tried to track him down a couple times in the last 15 years with limited success. Anyway if you get time drop me an e-mail.
Chris Connor-- U of A and Mallet
cconnor at cablespeed dot com

poobie said...

he keeps in touch with a bunch of us, the asshole. :) check out for info.

Matt Fulghum

UA & Mallet, 94-98