Tuesday, May 02, 2006

11k A Day Makes Hatch Start to Sway

I wanted to start my latest de-bloating effort with a bang, so after work yesterday I stopped at the Stones River Greenway and walked a little over 3 miles. It was a perfect day for walking and the greenway was about as crowded as I've seen it. I ended up walking 11.2k steps yesterday, which is the most I've done since March.

I was feeling a little wobbly when I got off the trail, because I could tell my legs were about shot. Then Marissa calls me and says I need to stop by Lowe's and buy two more boxes of floor tile. We're putting 1 foot tiles down in the basement and didn't quite buy enough the first time. So I wander around Lowe's trying to find the right tiles and then load two of them in the cart. These things weigh about as much as a bag of cement, so they're pretty heavy. I get home and tote them down the hill to the basement and my legs are really complaining at this point.

Today my legs are still rubbery and I looked drunk when I got out of bed and stumbled around this morning. I won't put 11k on the old pedometer today, but I will put as many as I can and try for another 10k+ day tomorrow. Stay tuned here for more boring updates.

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HatchWife said...

yada yada yada! I am sure staying up till 1:30 ish for your addiction (Lost) did not help with being so tired this morning. huh?