Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We're Saved!

Thank God! Robert Redford has finally weighed in on the energy crisis. Once the celebrities get involved we're sure to finally lick the problem of high fuel costs. As we all know, celebrities are much better than us, well, because they're celebrities! Movie stars have lots of extra time, so they don't need all those fancy schmancy science degrees to help figure out how to solve the world's problems. Besides, scientists are all evil Big-Bang believing tools of Satan anyway. Every time I've watched "Sneakers" I've always thought to myself, "wow, if we could just get Robert Redford focused, we'd have a gasoline free society in no time!"


DrPhilMcGraw said...

This post smells of sarcasm. Robert Redford is an award-winning actor, director, producer and founder of the Sundance Institute and Film Festival. Redford also is a businessman and philanthropist and has long supported various environmental causes. The only cause YOU have supported, is creating YOUR OWN GAS. Why don't you just chill out, and let the "Beautiful People" handle these issues. I think we'd all be happier in the long run. MIND FIND BIND !

BamaNana said...

Dear drphilmcgraw,
What was your FIRST clue that there MIGHT be a bit of sarcasm in the post? And how many university degrees do you have?

DrPhilMcGraw said...

I have one. First degree whoopass.