Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alma Mater

So I don't know the exact date, but 20 years ago this month I graduated from high school. Apparently my classmates and I are too unorganized to have a reunion, since I haven't heard anything about one yet.

Now I'm going to relate a really funny story from exactly 20 years ago. It's a story of two young men on the verge of graduating. I'll change the names to protect the innocent, so let's call them Mok and Heff.

Mok and Heff were best friends from a very young age, and did almost everything together, including making poor grades Senior English, controlled with an iron fist by the vile Ms. Horne. This was the one class you had to pass as a senior to graduate, and both Mok and Heff were right on the edge.

As the end of the semester loomed, Heff was convinced he wasn't going to pass English class. His only consolation was that Mok wasn't going to pass either and that they would have to attend summer school together. The rest of us just laughed, because Mok and Heff were both slackers among slackers, and we expected no less of either of them.

Apparently though, Mok thought differently, and with a final spurt of energy and perhaps a little effective begging, a miracle occurred the day before graduation. When the scores were released, Mok had a 60, while Heff received a 59. So close, yet so far away. The rest of us just laughed and laughed.


TheHeffer said...

To re-cap the event, I viewed my grade ahead of time in Mrs. Horn's grade book while she was out doing blow or something, and knew exactly what I had to make on that last test to pass for the year. I WAS a high-caliber slacker at the time, and scored ONLY what I knew I had to in order to pass. I actually scored a final 59.5, which by my own assumption, should have been rounded up. Alas, I didn't take the "hate factor" into consideration, and "Horne' " flunked me. Anyway, Mok eventually bested me as the ultimate slacker. Mem'ries.....

BamaNana said...

Oh yes, that "hate factor" was always enforced if you were unlucky enough to be MALE, while I (sanctimoniously) always favored males in my classes!!!
Anyway, I took an afternoon nap and slept right through the graduation ceremony.

TheHeffer said...

You up for Round Two with that Blue Bike yet, Nana ?

BamaNana said...

Not yet! Still chicken!

youknowWHO said...


1. Maybe there is a reunion and you're not invited.
2. Mok and Heff innocent?
3. You enjoy blowing goats.