Monday, May 01, 2006

More Hatch Bloat

So I've been slacking off on the dieting and exercise the last month or so. Saturday when I got on the scales I was at 296 lbs. So yesterday I started back on the low carbs again and I'm going to crank up the walking back to its previous levels. This morning I was back down to 292.5 so I should return to 285 without too much effort. I need to push on through and get below 250 again though, because there's too many caves I want to see that will involve a lot of crawling through narrow passages that right now I just won't fit in.

My recent trip to Tumbling Rock showed this as well. Just climbing up and down rock piles at my weight is cumbersome and I'm putting more stress on my feet, ankles, and knees.

It looks like the next cave trip will be on May 20th, which will probably be down to Jackson County, Alabama again. As always, any of my faithful readers are welcome to come along, but I do require minimum amounts of gear.

Here's a tale of someone who didn't have the correct gear in a cave.


BamaNana said...

Don't think I could do any caving even with correct equipment too fat too old Don't think I could do any caving even with correct equipment.

TheHeffer said...

Alright Hatch. Pack your stuff. You're never gonna get below 250 unless you move in with Heff. It's time to crack the whip.