Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Awful Green Things from Hatch's Space

The Dayquil is keeping my sinus problems in check for the most part, but when I wake up in the morning after sleeping for 8 hours I'm miserable still. I might have to set my alarm to get up about 3am and spend some time clearing things out and take some more medicine.

The scales read 296 at first this morning, but then became completely unreliable. I'm not going to officially say I'm down to that weight yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm close. The adjustment to the low calorie diet has gone pretty well for the most part and I haven't even had to eat many baby carrots to stave off the hunger pangs. Actually, I haven't eaten any of them yet now that I think about it.

The feet are feeling good today, so I'm going for the 1.1 mile walk at lunch. I did that yesterday and also walked the dachshund last night for another 3/4 of a mile. She's lucky she's still breathing since she completely destroyed our nice comforter yesterday while Marissa was at her bible study. She pulled out most of the stuffing and now she's going back in the crate when she's left alone. No more free range wieners at the Hatcher house for a while.

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