Monday, October 24, 2005


Hatch can't breath so good today. My nose is really stuffy or really runny, it alternates several times per hour right now. It's not green anymore, so I guess that's a good thing.

As expected, my ankles are aching a little today. I wore my boots to work and I walked a half mile at lunch to the store to get some Dayquil and keep everything stretched out. I didn't take any pain killers before the Dayquil, so it's not unbearable pain, but I don't want to overdo anything and not be able to walk for several days.

I was at 300 today, so I'm bouncing up and down from 298 to 300 every other day. I think the switch to the new diet style and continued exercise should help the weight start coming off again in the next few days. This is my current plan:

Breakfast: 1 Bowl of Product 19 with 0% milk. 150 calories
Lunch : Two sandwiches. Bread x 4 = 140 calories Meat slices x 4= 240 Calories Pickles = 20 Calories Mustard = 0 calories
Snack : One small bag of pretzel sticks = 110 calories
Supper : One Frozen Healthy Choice Meal = ~325 Calories
Hunger Pangs = Baby Carrots = Negligible Calories.

Total Calories = 985

The bread is a lower carb variety that has 5 net carbs per slice and only 35 calories.

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