Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend Update

I took it easy for the most part on Friday. Marissa and I had supper at Chili's that night and I had the Portabello Fajitas. It's an extra two bucks, but adding the big shroom onto it is worth it. Chili's doesn't really put enough meat on their fajitas in my opinion, but I have them hold the green peppers and then mix in the cheese to make it my favorite low carb meal right now.

We went to the mall after dinner and I did end up walking a little over half a mile there after I bought some new boot laces and tried to find Marissa. I checked out some caving gear I want to buy soon. I'm planning on spending a little extra and getting a Petzl Ecrin helmet since head gear is probably not something you want to skimp on.

With my new laces installed on the hiking boots, I wanted to wear them on the greenway on Saturday. I couldn't find either pair of Smart Wool socks, so I dug into our master closet and ended up washing about 5 loads of clothes. Since I've lost a good bit of weight already, I found a lot of clothes I haven't worn in a while and got them washed and ready. My size 44 pants are starting to fit a little loose, so I should be able to move into my old size 42 stuff soon.

After I found my socks, I laced up the old hiking boots and took the dachshund out to the greenway. I'd forgotten how comfortable those boots are to walk around in. Having all that extra ankle support and shock absorption from the Vibram soles makes you feel a lot better about walking, even though the boots are a lot heavier than my sneakers.

I pushed myself harder this time and added another half mile with a round trip total of 2.4 miles this week. This also included a fairly steep hill going up to the halfway point. From past experience, when you're trying to loose weight and push your endurance, hills are your best friend. The more elevation you can force yourself to do, the faster that fat burns off.

I keep forgetting to take my camera out to the greenway when I go. Yesterday there were two really pretty herons on the water, plus there's a really big ground hog that has a burrow about 30 or 40 yards off the path.

I know you're all wondering about the latest D.B.A.N. This morning it was right at 300, so I've lost 24 pounds and should crack under 300 in the next couple of days. I still haven't cheated on my low carb regimen. I've had some dreams this past week that I cheated, and I had some real cravings yesterday afternoon, but I resisted. At this point my goal is to not cheat until Thanksgiving. There's no way I'm not going to eat a bunch of dressing with my turkey. I'll be right back on it the next day though.

My first long term goal is to do a long hike in the Savage Gulf area the weekend of my birthday, March 26. It'll be about a 10 mile hike with about 800 feet of total elevation change. Everyone is welcome to join me. That's a little over 5 months from now, so I'm shooting to be down to at least 250 by then. I think 10 pounds a month on average is doable.

Ok, I'm off to walk on the greenway again. Can't have that dachshund getting chubby on me.

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