Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hatch Got a Boo Boo

Well, I pushed it during my lunch walk today and walked a total of 1.7 miles by adding an extra block on my route. Unfortunately, a few hours later I started feeling the beginnings of a blister on the back of my right ankle. After peeling off the boot and the smart wool it's about the size of a nickel and had already burst and mostly peeled away. I'm currently letting it air out under my desk and hoping no one notices the odor. Heh. I've already acquired bandaids from the first aid kit for later. I'm not letting it discourage me, since my feet have to get used to my boots once more and I need some calluses in those spots again anyway. I guess it's time to get some Moleskin.

Here's a map of my various walking routes. I found a steep hill close by that I'm going to add a route to soon. Click on the image to make it larger. The green route is the one I walked today. The brown route is a total of 0.5 miles roundtrip down to the Harris Teeter grocery store and back.

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