Friday, October 21, 2005

Oops, Missed It

I can't believe I forgot to post about it this past weekend, but October 15, 2005 was my 5th anniversary of quitting smoking. Yes, I took my last puff off a cigarette in Nashville on that day five years ago and haven't looked back. About a month and a half later I was struggling to make it to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral in London and that's when I promised myself I would get into better shape.

Speaking of shape, it hasn't been a great week for walking since the top of my foot started killing me after my lunch walk on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon I could barely walk at all. I think it's a complete lack of arch support in my work shoes, so from now on I'm going to bring my sneakers to work to walk in.

I even blew out the diet Tuesday night by going to Cici's Pizza Buffet after an argument with the wife. Despite that, I have still lost weight this week and today I'm at 298 for a total of 26 pounds lost so far.

I also surpassed my AHA Heart Walk goal this week thanks to some generous friends. Feel free to still contribute if you're moved to. Victoria and I will be walking this Sunday afternoon at 2pm near Vanderbilt. It's a 5k walk which is about 3.2 miles. That's further than I've walked in one day for quite a while, but the route is mostly flat and I'm going to wear my hiking boots for extra arch support.

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