Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

Annie and I walked 2.6 miles today on the greenway. We started from the Percy Priest Dam trailhead this time. I hadn't planned to walk that far today, but that particular section of the greenway doesn't really have any hills worth mentioning so I walked a little further to make up for that.

Annie, being the typical dachshund, is fine with people walking on the trail, but she doesn't like people running and she goes ballistic when she sees other dogs. She also has a bad tendency to want to walk on the opposite side of the trail from the one I'm walking on. This is not good because bicyclists have a bad habit of not calling out when they're about to pass you from behind so I've had to yank her out of the way a few times. Is it so hard to call out "left!" when you're coming up behind someone on what is basically a silent bike? At least go with the old tradition and put a baseball card in your spokes. Heh.

I also walked around Kroger tonight with Victoria, so I've gotten a good bit of exercise in this weekend. My back and ankles are aching some, and I actually walked enough that my ab muscles are complaining a little. I'll probably only walk a little tomorrow to let things rest up a little.

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