Friday, October 14, 2005


This week has mostly been a wash as far as the weight loss plan goes. I reported last Sunday that I was down to 300 pounds, but that seems to have been a bit premature. The next day and everyday through yesterday it was stubbornly stuck at 304 again. This morning it was back down to 302.

I think I overdid it last week, especially last weekend. My knees and ankles complained loudly through Wednesday night. Today at lunch was the first time since Sunday that I walked over a mile, and it felt pretty good with no pains. I'm going to do one 2 mile walk on the greenway either tomorrow or Sunday and a short distance the other day. Doing 5 miles in two days last weekend just did too much wear and tear while I'm still this heavy. I won't do that again until I'm down below 275.

I ate with Marissa at a Chinese buffet for lunch Wednesday. I didn't blatantly eat a lot of carbs, but I was out of ketosis for a day or so. No real harm done, since I'm following the same pattern as 2000 when I lost weight. I go for about 4 weeks of strict adherence to the low carb plan then I ease up for one meal. I should be able to go close to Thanksgiving now without cheating. Patience is the key, now. I won't see five pounds melt away in a week anymore, so I have to be satisfied with 2 pounds or so every 7 days.

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