Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend Update

During the day Friday I took two 15 minute walks around the block at work. I've got a nice little route going and the weather was perfect Friday for walking at a brisk pace and not sweating too much. I met Paul for supper about 6:00 and we ate the huge Ruby Tuesday burger sans bun and a trip and half to the salad bar. I ate too much, but there were practically no carbs involved.

We walked from the Ruby Tuesday to the movie theatre to see Serenity. It should have been a 5 minute walk, but some construction was in the way. Paul had the brilliant idea of taking a route through Dillards and the mall. So instead of a one minute detour we took almost 20 minutes to get to the movie. Never follow a Clemmons anywhere. He's got no sense of direction. Must be how he was raised. Heh. (Just kidding Mrs. Clemmons!)

Anyway, Serenity was truly an incredible movie. I rarely gush over a film, but I plan to see it again in the theatre and definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. Paul and I agreed that to come up with another Scifi movie that was this good, you have to go all the way back to Aliens or Empire Strikes Back. It's seriously that good. If you like Scifi at all, go see this movie.

So Saturday I didn't feel so great when I woke up. I might have overdone it slightly on the walking on Friday. I was still at 308 of course. I'm on a serious plateau right now. I pretty much stayed glued to the couch, especially when the Alabama game came on. What a great game. Unfortunately I made the mistake of watching Prothro break his leg frame by frame. Nasty break. I hate to see him go, but I don't think it should kill our chances this season. If our defense keeps playing the way they're playing we should be able to dominate other teams like we did in 92.

After church today I dropped Marissa off at her dad's house and Victoria and I hit the greenway. I walked about 1.7 miles in about 35 minutes. Not very fast, but I maintained a good walking rate and wasn't heaving at the end. It's sad to go as hard as you can and your 12 year old daughter is staying about a quarter of a mile in front of you telling you to hurry up. Then earlier tonight I walked the dog about 3/4 of a mile, so I put in 2.5 miles in today. I'm going to have to keep this kind of thing up so I can bust through the plateau. I can't be too upset though, tomorrow will be my 21st full day on my plan and even if I'm still at 308 that's 16 pounds in 21 days which is not too shabby.


Paul said...

It was never intended as a shortcut, tons-of-fun, as you should recall (if you didn't have left-over French Fries in your ears), I touted the walk as "pennance for dinner". Besides, we still had great seats for Serenity. You know you love to walk with me.

Alan said...

I never ate a single fry and you know it.

Paul said... did not eat a SINGLE fry.

Alan said...

Apparently my fellow fat hairy white boy is afraid I'm going to weigh less than him soon, so he's making up LIES about me eating FRIES. I ain't touched a tater in pert near a month and he knows it. He probably put on a pound or two at Monells today.