Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Sidewalk Was Angry That Day My Friends

My sinuses have really been acting up the last couple of days. It was causing an itch somewhere between my throat and my right ear that kept me up most of last night with lots of sneezing and snorting thrown in as well. I really and truly did not want to go do the Heart Walk today, but since I conned so many of you into making donations I felt guilty.

So after skipping church, eating lunch with Marissa and Victoria, and then dropping the pregnant woman off at her mother's house, Victoria and I drove towards Vanderbilt and got there about 1:30. By the time the walk started at 2:00, the temperature had dropped down into the 4o's and the wind was blowing pretty good. Just as we got started I told Victoria, who was my little skinny popcicle at this point, that to make it a perfect day it should start raining. About 10 minutes later, just as we turned onto West End Avenue, it did. Not hard mind you, but just misting enough to make it feel even colder.

I made myself finish it though. We went 3.2 miles and it took us about 68 minutes. It's the farthest I've walked at once in probably 2 or 3 years. I wore my hiking boots and I'm not too sore right now, but I think my ankles will probably be complaining for a few days.

I'm also going off the low carb diet today and switching to a 1200 calorie or less diet for a while. I need a break and the low carb thing is just getting old. I've been on it for 40 days now and I've lost 26 pounds. I'm not eating nearly as much food every day anymore, so I think doing the lower calories should be easier for me at this point. I guess we'll see in a week if I've lost any weight or not.

Despite the stuffed up sinuses, it was a great weekend. Watching Tennessee fumble out the back of the end zone and Auburn bounce one off the goal post were definitely the high points. Driving home from a cookout at the lake yesterday evening, I got to listen to the lamentations of the Volunteers on their postgame call-in show. It's a great thing to see their spirit broken like it is right now, especially when you have to live and work near so many of them.

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