Monday, October 17, 2005

Sneezy Monday

I spent some time on Saturday and Sunday organizing and cleaning out our garage. I've still got plenty of work to do in there, but at we can put the Montero in and not have to turn sideways to get to it. The dust has severely messed up my sinuses, so I'll try to wear a dust mask next time I get in there to finish up.

I hit 300 lbs for real on Sunday morning and I was at the same weight today. I didn't walk too much this weekend due to some lingering foot pain, but the exercise from cleaning the garage made up for it some. I'm slowly, and I do mean slowly, trying to add just a touch of abdominal work. I did some leg lifts and a few pitiful crunches last night. There's still a lot of gut down there and tearing up my abs when I'm this big is not a pleasant thing to do.

My newest favorite low carb food is a big bag of frozen Tyson chicken tenderloins. I throw about 6 of them on a cookie sheet for about 25 minutes in the oven. I squeeze a little ranch dressing onto each one then sprinkle with Tabasco Chipotle and it's a pretty good supper. I may cut a slice of cheddar to go with them if I'm really hungry. A bag runs about 8 bucks at Kroeger and it provides about 4 or 5 meals, so it's a pretty good value.

So today is 34 days on the current weight loss plan. I'm over my bread cravings for the most part. I can watch people eat Cracker Barrel biscuits and cornbread and not have too much jealousy pop up. I just calmly eat my turnip greens and visualize myself jumping rocks in the Savage Gulf or pulling myself out of Sinking Cove Cave next spring. Yaulp!

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Paul said...

Yay Hatch!

I'm joining you in the delardification program. It's tough, but hopefully I'll be jumping rocks along the Fiery Gizzard Trail with you next fall.

I'm trying to walk at least a little every day, doing some ab stuff, but I'm laying off the heavy weightlifting for a bit longer, as it always leaves me ravenous afterwards.