Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hatch Boots Are Made For Walking

My feet are feeling much better today although there are some small twinges. I wore the boots to work again today and I may make it a regular thing since my goal is to get into hiking shape anyway. I walked the 1.1 mile route today at lunch and while there was some minor discomfort at first about half way through things started feeling pretty good.

I didn't get as winded on the uphill part today as I did even just a week and a half ago. I really need to find a steep hill to walk up at least once a week. I walked up a nice one this past Saturday at the lake and when I got to the top two whitetail deer bounced away from me. They were close enough I could hit them with a rock. That is if I had a rock and could actually hit a barn with one from 10 feet away, which is not a given for me. Heh.

I've been tracking my walking for the past 24 days now and updating a spreadsheet with the results. Yes, I love spreadsheets so make as many snarky comments as you want, it's not going to change anything.

I walked on 19 of the last 24 days for a 0.79 ratio. My total distance the last 24 days was 26.6 miles for an average of 1.4 miles/day for the days I actually walked or 1.1 miles/day spread over all the days.

Here's a chart of the last 4 weeks. The 4th week isn't finished until Saturday so I expect I may go over 10 miles this week if nothing starts hurting too bad.

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