Friday, June 24, 2005

Angry Hatch Night

Last night was an angry night online for me. First I had a bad night in poker, losing about two bucks in a nickel/dime ring game then going out 9th and 8th in two different nine player SNG. In the last hand I was busted out by a pair of nines when I had a pair of Jacks. After that debacle I logged off poker and logged into Everquest 2 for what I was hoping would be a few relaxing hours of killing virtual creatures.

While I was online I decided to work on my tradeskills, so I went to the virtual online market to buy some supplies. The stuff I need sells very cheap, so I usually just go in and buy all of it that is available. This time I was tired and didn't notice that some jackass had set the price about 1000 times higher than normal so I blew every bit of currency I had for that character on crap.

I think I'm going on break from poker and EQ2 for a while. I don't have the patience for either right now.


HatchWife said...

What are you going to do with all that free time? Perhaps some work around the house that is way PAST DUE!

Big Bill said...

Dont lay off the diet. Exercise!!! Keep it going!! This is where you think you cheat a little bit...But don't!! I bet by the forth of July you can be down 20+ lbs!!
If your sticken to the diet.
Let me know how its going!!

Paul said...

Hatch must be really feeling bad to be swearing off Everquest....Perhaps you should take him to a doctor, Marissa....all those ketones may we warping his fragile little mind.

Anonymous said...

The EverQuest marketplace is as cutthroat as any other. Your mistake. Suck it up sweetboy!