Monday, June 27, 2005


So a few months ago the Honda gets runt-over in Atlanta by an SUV. This past Saturday Marissa is pulling into the local McDonald's where Victoria and the other cheerleaders on her team are doing a carwash. A guy in a big-ole-truck doesn't see her as he's coming around the turnaround out front and crunches into the left front quarter panel. Mother and baby are OK, but Marissa was upset and emotional and nearly gave the old man a heart attack. When I got there his hands were shaking so bad I had to ask him if he was OK.

So Hatch will be driving a rental car for a while once again while the Honda gets towed into the garage for more body work. I took some pictures of the damage which I'll get posted soon. The quarter panel is toast, and it will probably need another hood along with a headlight assembly. I'm worried the wheel might be damaged so I'm going to insist on them checking the alignment which they didn't do after the last accident.

I think my car is cursed. At least the man that hit Marissa was very nice and polite about the whole thing instead of being a Wilfred. I nearly Heffed myself when his insurance company called today and said he took full responsibility for the accident.


HatchWife said...

Pictures of hurt car of wife blog

TheHeffer said...

Damnit ! I just myselfed myself !!!

Anonymous said...

Getting a lot of mileage out of my name huh?

Big Bill said...

Why don't you southern people learn how to drive??