Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lunch Walk

So after a quick lunch of a can Vienna Sausages (it's pronounced "Vigh-een-uh" down this way) while sitting in my car reading and listening to music on NPR, I decided to go for a quick walk. It was probably about 90 degrees outside at the moment and humid, but I decided I'd just make it a quick jaunt down the sidewalk behind the building I work in.

As I set out, I could see an old man and a woman about 2 blocks down. I had seen them before and had noticed a WW2 Vet sticker on the back window of their truck. As I walked by them the old man nodded at me and asked "so what do you think about the day so far?"

I stopped. "Well sir, I'd say so far it's pretty hot out here."

So we started talking and I soon brought up the sticker on his truck. He started telling me about his WWII experiences and we ended up standing there talking for over 20 minutes. He was in the 2nd Army and got off a boat in Le Havre, France and proceeded to stay on the front lines most of the way across Germany. He said he rode on the front of a tank most of the time and carried a BAR.

It's always an honor to talk to men like him. I wish I had the time to sit down with him for a few hours and chat. My walk wasn't very far today, but it sure was a lot more interesting than it usually is.


Big Bill said...

Hey Porchop!! eat more healthier protiens!!! Jeez!!! Viena sausage?? Hatch what the F@#$@!!!!
Garbage in is garbage out, Or better yet you are what you Little sausage!!

TheHeffer said...

I'm not even reading these posts until the post is titled Lunch RUN.

Paul said...

Hey guys, you have to take into account the size of those fleshy jowls. For Hatch to move them about enough to talk for twenty minutes, and at the necessary volume for an old man to hear him, probably burned more calories than it would take for Heff to rob a "Hair Club for Men" warehouse.