Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today's History Lesson

A discussion about generic beer today led to me stumbling upon the History of Falstaff Brewing, which is a very entertaining read, although slightly biased. Falstaff created the famous generic beer in 1984, along with a M.A.S.H. 4077 brand beer. There are a few cans available on eBay, so Heff needs to snag one for his beer can collection which sits atop his bar.


Big Bill said...

Heff has a beer can collection? My Mother and Father just reminded me of the collection I have from the late 70's that lay arrest in there crawl space????? I might have to go through it and see if heff could sponsor a road trip throught the sales of said cans.....Hmmmmm

TheHeffer said...

Cans are for rednecks. I have bottles. And they're not empty, they're full. I even have a 6 pack of "Billy Beer" from the 70's. Wanna taste it, Bill ?

Alan said...

Yes, but the MASH beer can is seriously cheesy, so it definitely belongs on the Heff Bar.