Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Poker

I only played in one tournament online this weekend. It was a freeroll on Pokerstars on Friday night to qualify for a Sunday afternoon tournament that sends seven people to the WSOP next week. There's no way I could go to Vegas next week even if I won, so I was playing very aggressive to see what happened.

I've finally pounded the concept of playing aggressive positional poker back into my head, so I've been doing much better lately, although I have no wins to show for it. I did play some really cheap ring games last week and ended up adding about 10 bucks back into my stake.

In the tournament Friday night, 338 people started. I played tight unless I was in position and ended up taking down a few small pots from the button or the blinds. I got an AKo at one point and raised large and after all the betting was done, four of us had all or most of our chips in the pot. I sucked out a King on the river to knock three people out of the tournament at once and moved into 2nd place overall in the tournament.

I stayed in the top five in chips for a long time after that. I probably knocked about five more people out of the tournament and turned into a total chip bully on whatever table I was moved to. After we reached about 80 people left in the tournament though, the cards turned almost completely cold on me. I slowly dribbled down the ranks, losing with hands like AQo or KQo and had the Hilton sisters busted twice on the way down. Eventually the blinds and antes started catching up with me and after pushing in with an Ax in desperation with about 2k left in chips I was busted out in 51st place. The top 18 moved on to the next tournament. So close, but so far away.

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