Monday, June 06, 2005

Hatch Getting His Read On

One of the great things about my new job is that I'm only about a mile away from my favorite used book store The Book Man/Book Woman. They've got the best selection of old Science Fiction paperbacks that I've ever seen. Today at lunch I picked up the original Logan's Run paperback and a couple of the Fred Saberhagen "Berserker" series of books. According to the F.A.Q. on his website, Saberhagen says the Berserker books can be read in any order, but he does recommend reading the original novel, Berserker, first.

This novel is a series of short stories, so I should be able to read one everyday at lunch to get the brain juices flowing. I read one today after I bought the book, and while it was obviously dated, it was still very enjoyable.

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jay said...

Yes, but the femininy bookstore at Little 5 Points has a "used lesbian" book selection.

Paul said...

hmmmmm....nothing like a book about a "used lesbian".